Room Additions

One of the best ways to get extra space for your family, short of purchasing a larger new home, is by adding an extra room onto your existing home. There are many different types of home additions that a homeowner can do to increase their living space. If you would like to increase the square footage of your existing home, but need some ideas on the types of home additions that you can do, here are a few home addition ideas aside from the usual bedroom addition, bathroom additions and kitchen extensions and other room additions that you can choose from.

Basement Renovations

Sometimes adding extra square footage to your house, doesn’t mean physically adding extra rooms to your home as it can be as simple as strategic basement renovations. This is because basements as generally seen as extra living space in any home and can even be renovated to be a self contained unit. An unused basement is essentially wasted space that could be put to good use with the right basement renovations.

Garage Remodel

Just like basement renovations a garage remodel can also add a significant amount of space to your home. A garage remodel also does not mean remodeling it to look and function as a garage as with the right planning you can remodel your garage to function as just about any room that you can think of. For instance you can easily use a garage remodel to transform your garage into a patio room.

Sun Room Addition

Adding extra usable and functional space to your home can also be in the form of a sun room addition. Generally a sun room addition is usually adding on a large, spacious room that tends to look great regardless of where it is placed. You could also use a sun room addition as a spacious family room, the choice is yours really.

Adding Extra

When adding on an extra to your home you should take into consideration any structural repairs that may need to be done, insulating basement wall (if needed), ceiling insulations, vinyl siding and awnings if you are making additions that utilize the outdoor to create an outdoor room or a deck that will need some form of covering.

As stated before home additions are the perfect way to add more living space to your existing home. Now that you are ready to go forth with your home additions project you are probably eager to figure out how long this project will take. Sadly this is not something that can be accurately determined without first looking at the property. Additionally even when the property is inspected there might be problems far beneath the surface that even the best contractor is not able to see until the project has begun.

That being said there are some good estimates on how long certain home additions will take. For instance a bedroom addition will take around 1-2 months to complete, a bathroom extension is expected to take anywhere from 2-6 months and a kitchen addition will be between 3-6 months. Please remember that these are only estimates and your home additions project can take less or more than the suggested times.

Other rooms that you can add onto your home are:

1. Screen Rooms

2. Porches

3. Conservatories

4. Attic Conversion

5. Patio Rooms

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