If you are thinking about taking on a home kitchen remodeling project then you will certainly need some inspiration on the different fixtures and fittings, styles and trends that are out there today. You will no doubt be looking for the latest kitchen designs because even if you hire an interior designer to create some potential plans for you, you will actually need to have some idea of what you want in your soon to be newly renovated or remodeled kitchen. Looking at the latest kitchen designs also helps to clearly bring your imagined kitchen ideas to life and guides you on what’s in from what’s out.

We’ve therefore put together a brief overview of the latest trends in kitchen designs that you can use for your kitchen remodeling or kitchen renovation project. These trends also work with a small kitchen design so homeowners with smaller homes can also stay trendy with their new kitchen.

Curves Are In

Many kitchens are seeing curves make a big appearance into their overall designs. Generally kitchens contained a number of square, sharp edges. Designers are now using curves, such as a curved counter top or curved sink basins, to give today’s’ kitchens a softer appearance.


Gone are the days of the plain old boring kitchen colors, these days the latest kitchen trend is to introduce a pop of color into their design. Jeweled colored tones tend to work well in helping to brighten up your kitchen. If you are too scared to fully incorporate bright colors into your kitchen then you can introduce it in the form of brightly colored kitchen utensils or colored countertop to achieve that dramatic look without going over-the-top. You can also bring the pop of color to your kitchen by including some type of artwork into your kitchen.

High Tech Appliances

Once upon a time high tech appliances were only found in industrial kitchens, now these appliances are finding their way into regular homes. Items such as a glass fronted fridge that is modern, beautiful and functional. A glass fronted fridge allows you to be able to see what is in your fridge without opening up the door. Now this is just one of the many high tech appliances that you can get for your kitchen that has been created with convenience in mind.

Now that we have given you some ideas on the latest kitchen designs it’s time to share with you a quick guide on the process that is involved in the kitchen remodel process.


Why do i want to remodel?
Don’t just do it to increase the value of your property.


How do I want to remodel?
This is where you seek out inspiration to get a clear idea of what you want your new kitchen to look like.


Define your budget
Make sure to add an extra 10% to the budget total for contingencies.


Who will do the remodel?
Check out different contractors and get quotes before making a decision.


Get the necessary permits
This is where you select the specific materials that you incorporate into your new kitchen.


Make your final decision and draw up your plan
This is where you select the specific materials that you incorporate into your new kitchen.


Sign the contract
Read the terms and conditions and make sure that you are 100% okay with everything before signing on the dotted line.


Demolish your kitchen
Helping the contractor can actually save you some money here so speak to your contractor about this.


Check on the progress
Always communicate with your contractor on the progress of your kitchen remodeling services


Review the kitchen remodel
Once the kitchen remodeling or kitchen renovation project is complete make sure that you go through everything to make sure that it meets your agreed specifications.


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