Remodeling bathrooms is one of the best investments that you can make as a homeowner. In fact a bathroom renovation or bathroom remodel will give you the highest return on your investment falling only slightly below the kitchen remodel or renovation. Deciding to renovate or remodel your bathroom is only one step in the process. But there are other steps, such as creating a budget, choosing a contractor and doing your homework (research) that one must go through. However, many homeowners struggle with and spend the most time on remodeling bathrooms.

These days there are so many different types of bathroom designs that it is hard to really choose the one that you want and that matches your personal style and fits into your lifestyle needs. Fortunately we have put together a few different types of bathroom designs that you can explore and choose from should you decide to undergo a bathroom renovation or bathroom remodel project.

Types of Bathroom Designs

Classic Elegance
This type is fresh, crisp features a lot of clean lines with a timeless design

Masculine Bathrooms
This type of bathroom typically has dark hues, bold styles, strong details and rectilinear accents

Vintage Bathrooms
A vintage bathroom is typically filled with traditional elements, ornate and ode’ to Old

Contemporary Bathrooms
The characteristics of this type is light hues, clean, minimal and strong linear lines

Modern Bathrooms
Modern Bathrooms are characterized by up-to-date patterns, edgy designs. Vibrant colors, classic elements with a twist and trendy

Not to be overlooked in remodeling bathroom proccess, bathroom windows should be considered. The best type of bathroom window is one that will look luxurious without compromising the functionality and maintenance of the windows. There are many different types of bathroom windows to choose from (design, color and more), depending on how your bathroom looks on the inside.

Bathroom Window Types

Traditional Windows
Generally this window type is a single-pane that pushes up to open. These are the most common type of windows used in homes.

Frosted Windows
These windows have an overall coating on them which prevents others from seeing inside and you from seeing outside. These windows allow light to pass through but not your neighbor’s vision.

Bay Windows
If your bathroom is very large then you can opt to have a Bay window installed instead of the traditional window. You can easily place small items of furniture such as a bathtub, bathroom fixtures such as a sink below a bay window.

Glass Block Windows
These windows are used to distort the image of anything that is on the other side making them a great choice for bathrooms.

Adding a skylight to a bathroom is great as you are letting natural light in, fresh air and not compromising your privacy.

We Will Help You

Of course these are but a few bathroom designs and bathroom windows that you can use should you decide to take on a bathroom renovation or bathroom remodel project. Your contractor and/or designer will work with you to help you to select the one that works best for you and your family while fitting into your overall budget.

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